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If this is your first visit to welcome, we hope you enjoy exploring the site but please note, this website is and has always been a work in progress. If you are a frequent visitor then welcome back, things have changed, again.

About Us

Elitedance was conceived in 1999 by professional ballet dancers Todd Fox and Raymond Rodriguez. The two wanted to create a centralized website which would gather and highlight dance related digital media content from a collective of “affiliate member” organizations. For the first several years these content creators consisted mainly of dance companies but slowly began to include professional dancers, choreographers, and eventually PR/Marketing firms from around the world.

Eventually the increased popularity of viewing high quality digital media at home and on mobile devices took off and there has been an explosion in dance related digital content creation ever since. As a result, we no longer highlight content exclusively from  “affiliate member” companies. Many of those original companies are still very much present here at but these days we highlight and promote digital media from a wide variety of syndicated sources across the world wide web.

Over the past 12 years we have experimented with many titles (Elitedance Broadcast Network, Elitedance Network, Cidveo) and approaches for highlighting content on this website. These days we try to keep things simple by operating under the title “”.

Important FYI’s is free to use, does not require any membership signup and you will never receive unsolicited e-mails from us, in fact, you probably won’t receive any e-mails from us at all.

Our title is spelled ‘Elitedance’ NOT ‘Elite Dance’

We do our best to respect your right to privacy here at and try to put as little tracking code and browser cookies on the site as possible. To review our current privacy policy click here.

Speaking of privacy, we do not maintain nor do we ever intend to maintain a Facebook page. You can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that we won’t ever write on your super crazy weird wall, or inundate you with emails, pokes, like requests, fan requests, group requests, photo tags, or invites to help pick corn and blueberries on our virtual farm. No offense to those who use Facebook, it’s just not our thing here. does maintain a Twitter listing under the name @elitedance and it is run by our co-founder Todd Fox.  Our Twitter account is the quickest and easiest way to find out when we have posted anything new to the site. Feel free to follow along and or comment on our tweets. FYI, if you tweet us we will respond ;)

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Only administrators post information to this website. If you are a company or press representative and want to have your releases included in our circulations and promotions please e-mail us to inquire about becoming a contributing agent. Depending on your organization, certain fees may apply.

It is common during specific times of the year to see very little activity or updates on Elitedance, please keep in mind that this website is updated mostly by dancers and frequency of updates has a lot to do with seasonal performance calendars.


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