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Listed below are links to various websites which feature dance & performing arts related employment resources, i.e. audition info, casting notices, etc. All of the resources listed on this page are 100% FREE to use as we do not feature pay or subscription based employment resources.

Each resource listed on this page is well worth a visit, or at least in our opinion. For your convenience, our editors rated each link on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest (best) rating. Our rating system is based on several factors, the most important being frequency of updates, ease of navigation,  and the quantity of unique employment opportunities listed.

This collection of links is without a doubt geared more towards the working dance professional, however, you can also find listings within these websites which are arts management and administrative as well.

If you operate a company or website that features dance related employment opportunities and would like to see it listed here on this page feel free to contact us with the valid URL and brief description. We honor ALL link requests with only one requirement, your website must not charge a fee for viewers to have 100% full access to employment resources. – 5
This website is an amazing resource for employment opportunities within the arts industry. It is heavily centered around UK arts employment opportunities but they also list opportunities from other regions in the world. From the home page click on “Job Seekers” and then “Job Filter” to narrow your search for employment opportunities. Casting & Jobs – 5
Great website providing daily updates and free to use, not all listings are dance related but many can be found if you use the “Search Job Postings” section at the bottom of the page and enter search words like dance, ballet, etc. Auditions/Jobs – 5
Great website providing frequent updates and free to use, one of the best resources on the Internet for dance jobs in the EU and abroad.

Broadway Audition Center – 5
Fantastic website with tons of notices direct from Actor’s Equity Association. Use the built in search function to narrow down keywords like dance, ballet, etc.

Dance/NYC Auditions – 5
Free to use and many frequent updates, lots of opportunities for dance in and around the New York City area.

New York Foundation for the Arts – 5
Great website providing frequent updates and free to use, not all listings are dance related, many are arts administration. From the homepage click on “Jobs in the Arts”.

Actors Equity Casting Search – 5
Great website providing daily updates and free to use, be aware in most cases you need to be a member of AEA.

Jean Ann Ryan Productions – 5
If you are looking to work as a dancer on a cruise ship this is a not to miss website for cruise ship related auditions with the Jean Ann Ryan Productions company.

Dance/USA – Jobs and Auditions – 5
Really great website with lots of opportunities for both dance and arts  administrative type employment.

NetworkDance – Dance & Ballet Auditions/Jobs – 5
Great website, easy to navigate, loads of dance and ballet audition listings.

Cirque du Soleil Dancer Auditions – 5
If you are looking to work for Cirque du Soleil this is the page to visit.

Rising Stars International Talent Agency – 5
Rising Stars books solo, male and female, dancers with backgrounds in jazz, ballet and ballroom for production shows with leading USA cruise lines.

Dance Ontario Job Listings – 5
Great website with frequent updates and listings for dance employment mainly in Ontario, Canada.

Ausdance NSW – 5
Great website, lots of updates, mostly for Australia

The Walt Disney Company – 5
If you want to audition for Disney’s many international theme parks this is the place to visit.

Article19 Auditions – 5
UK based website with frequent audition listings, you can even sign up for their cool Twitter audition updates function, site is free to use.

Universal Studios Auditions – Universal Studios Japan Auditions – 5
If you are looking to work for Universal Studios as a dancer in the USA or Japan these are the two web links you want to visit.

Ballett Auditions, Vortanzen und Jobs bei Ballet World – 5
Excellent website with many European audition listings, free-to-use.

National Ballet of Canada Auditions – 5
Interested in auditioning for the National Ballet of Canada? This is the page where you can get all the info. – 5
Free to use, frequent updates, LOTS of ads. Auditions and Opportunities – 4
Good website with dance related employment listings, free to use.

Worldwide Auditions and Jobs from – 4
Good website, free to use with frequent updates. – 4
Good website, search function allows for region specific job search.

American Dance Guild – 4
Good website and easy to use

Ohio Dance – 4
Looking for a gig in Ohio? Here is a good website to visit.

Arts Opportunities – 4
Great website with advanced search functions. Administrative, dance, and teaching opportunities can be found here as well.

Boston Dance Alliance – 3
Great website with audition opportunities in the greater Boston, Massachusetts, region. – 3
Good website for employment opportunities in the San Francisco, Bay Area

South african Dance Directory – 1
Good website, easy to use, mostly for employment opportunities in South Africa Dance Jobs – 1
This page lists some interesting employment resources, probably hasen’t been updated in 8 years or so, still, the listings are active.

Tennessee Association of Dance – 1
Good website, easy to use, dance opportunities in greater Tennessee, USA, region.

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